“Being a model is an art and a passion, anyone can be a model but not everyone can be a great model. It is more than just the looks and the glamour; it is also about the people, the impact and the change that one uses their voice, privilege and recognition to create in the society.”

Rich words from the 25 year old, Stephen Stowel. He is a high fashion, runway and commercial model who has been in the game for 5 years professionally. Besides being a model, he is an author and the CEO of Stowelink Inc.

The orange project, Fashion Couture, House of Gbemi, The Retro Denim Project, The Nubian Project, Andro Punt Project and The Award-winning supernatural series by Stevenchy Photography are among the commercial and thematic projects Stephen has worked on.

The high-end runway events he has participated in include: Fashion Couture Africa, Fashion Font Festival and Eco Fashion Event.

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